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Fervor Records Releases Two Anthology Albums 

Greetings from the hinterlands of the U.S. Midwest.

I am happy to say that my record label and publisher Fervor Records has recently released two anthology collections of my songs, one contains songs from the 70's recordings and one has songs from my 80's collection. I had recorded quite a few songs during those decades, both on 4 track and 8 track machines. Fervor took those masters and re-mixed, re-engineered them, enhancing the fidelity and has now released them on these two albums.  They are available online by heading over to  Take a listen, see what you think, and let me know! Thanks!

Other News:

I am very pleased to announce another song placement for one of my tunes in an upcoming film!  

"Sometimes Woman" has been placed into the upcoming indie film entitled "The Big Ugly", or aka, "London Calling".  Not sure why there are two working titles but maybe this is a creative marketing method, as in: name your film with two titles, get twice the promo.  Not sure, but either way, I am very excited to have my country-rock song "Sometimes Woman" appearing in the film.  I never know where or how it is to be used until I see and hear for the first time just like everyone else. The film has been released world wide as of August 2020. 

Also, I was very happy to have another of my songs, "Highway Stranger" appear in "NCIS", "Lost Time" episode, last May. My song was one of the tunes being played on the juke box during a scene at a highway bar, appearing right after Billy Joel's "Honesty".  I like keeping good company on a sound track like that!

Thanks for reading and your support of my music. 

Til next time,

Fervor Tom



FRIENDS & LEGENDS Finally Mastered 

The recording project that Jon Baltzell and I have been working on over the span of 2017 has finally wound its way through the recording, mixing, and mastering stages.  The new album, "Friends & Legends", captures our long time friendship primarily surrounded in music, and the legends of characters and stories related within many of these songs.

We now have the final finished version of the 11 tunes that made it onto the project.  Now its in the packaging stage where we'll get the cover art and pictures, related recording, musician, and song detail assembled into a CD package as soon as possible.  Some songs may be offered up on the music page for digital downloads prior to having the physical product ready to go.  We'll be sending out that news once we are there. 

Thanks for your interest in the music we are making!  TM